5,000 sq m of new stores opened in IMMOCHAN Russia portfolio since mid-July

Kiabi  Aquarelle Togliatti
31 August 2017

For the period starting July, 20th till the end of August  more than 20 retail  units encompassing  5,000 sq m of leasable space were opened in IMMOCHAN Russia portfolio.  

At August, 27th  ‘Nasha obuv’ shoes retailer (47,8 sq m)  has opened in AUCHAN History  cash-line gallery in Volgograd. The third week of August was the most productive for our company.  The anchor store of AUCHAN Proletarskiy Alef furs store (695 sq m)  and Svyaznoy mobile were opened August, 25th. Eyekraft Optics (46,5 sq m)  has started operations in AUCHAN Altufievo a day before  and Zenden shoe store (302,8 sq m) opened in Aquarelle Volgograd after re-modeling at August, 23rd.

‘Lustrella’  lights  (108,1 sq m)  joined  AUCHAN Altufievo in Moscow at August, 19th and it’s the new brand in Immochan Russia portfolio.   3 new stores were opened in our Moscow’ projects  at August, 18th  - Valtera jewelry of 100 sq m and  Kroshka Kartoshka café of 66 sq m  both in AUCHAN Proletarskiy  and Sushi Make of 52 sq m in AUCHAN Lefortovo cash-line gallery.

Ascona, the retail store owned by the leading Russian manufacturer of bedding goods, was opened in Aquarelle Volgograd shopping center at August, 9th. The store re-opened with increased  area of 498 sq m and now presents the wider assortment.  The first cosmetics store of Russian company Mixit (26,4 sq m)  joind Aquarelle family of brands the same day and it’s the first store of the firm in Volgograd city.

At August, 5th KIABI, the french apparel retailer for the whole family opened  its first store in Togliatti in Aquarelle Shopping center.  Sunlight jewelry store (100 sq m) joined AUCHAN Altufievo retail gallery  and Veselaya Zateya tenant (45 sq m) opened AUCHA Mega Dybenko cash-line gallery in St.Petersburg.

At the end of July Befree store opened for clients in Aquarelle shopping center in Volgograd.  The tenant increased the size of rented space to 600 sq m  and presented  the new commercial concept and  design of its retail unit. Mario Mikke shoes (380 sq m) has opened in Aquarelle Togliatti, Elbor doors  (96 sq m) in AUCHAN Mega Parnas in St. Petersburg and Coral Travel services joined Mega Samara cash-line gallery.

Kiabi Aquarelle Togliatti